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The build up to Christmas is now well and truly underway, and in all the rush the last person you are likely to think about is you. But your health is important, not just to you but to you family, and I have a gift for you. Acupuncture treatment can be both relaxing and healing. If you are too busy now the treatment can be taken in the New Year, as a treat when all the madness is over. Or why not ask for it as a gift or give it as a gift to a friend.

I am offering 20% off your first acupuncture treatment, or if you purchase 3 treatments you save £32. You have until 31st March to take your treatment so you can decide when is best for you.

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Acupuncture for Stress

Acupuncture can help you cope with the stresses of modern life.  So many of us are juggling work and family. We spend hours in traffic or on public transport, sit for too long at the computer, or fret about arguments with our teenagers.  So after a few years of this our bodies struggle to cope.  Often the first time a new patient comes to Chinese Medicine is when the stress starts taking its toll on your body. You get those niggling recurring conditions; headache, sinusitis, tiredness, indigestion or bloating.  As a consequence you start taking more over the counter medication but the symptoms do not resolve. Perhaps you feel anxious, get panic attacks and have trouble sleeping. Over time this can lead to chronic conditions. If you recognise yourself in any of this you may find that Chinese Medicine has the answer for you.

Women’s Health

Many women find acupuncture invaluable at various stages in their lives.  Perhaps you suffer with painful periods, PMT, endometriosis or PCOS.  Maybe you are pregnant and are finding the going tough, or are trying to get pregnant. Or you have now reached the menopause and are being driven mad by hot flushes and other symptoms. If any of these are you think about giving Chinese Medicine a try.

Acupuncture Points for Muscle and Joint Pain

People with musculoskeletal issues, such as aching knees, backs, shoulders, find that Chinese Medicine can provide relief.  Guasha, massage, moxa and cupping are all treatments under the umbrella of Chinese Medicine which can be be used for muscle and joint pain.  Jackie has been trained in trigger point therapy and may use this to help relieve muscle tension.  Typically treatment would be once a week to start with then at longer intervals as the condition responds. 

Allergies, anxiety, migraine and digestive issues are among the common complaints which Chinese Medicine can help relieve.  For a comprehensive list of the conditions acupuncture can treat please follow this link to the British Acupuncture website.

A Guide to UK-based Free Mental Health Helplines by Cassiobury Court


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