Does Acupuncture Hurt?

The one question people who haven’t had acupuncture always ask me is “does it hurt?”  My answer is always “some people are more sensitive than others and some points are more sensitive than others.”  But it is nothing like pricking yourself with a needle or having an injection.  Acupuncture needlesRead more

The Ealing Half Marathon: Can Acupuncture Help?

The Ealing half-marathon for many people is an event which pushes their body to the limit; so can acupuncture help keep you in shape? Training for a Half-Marathon The Ealing half-marathon on 24th September 2017 is the big date in your diary and you are probably (hopefully) already in trainingRead more

Can Acupuncture Help Hay Fever?

Can Acupuncture Help Hay Fever?

(Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis) According to the World Health Organisation acupuncture can help with hay fever. The World Health Organisation strongly recommends acupuncture to relieve the symptoms of hay fever.  Clinical trials have found it to be more effective than antihistamine drugs although findings are yet to be verified. WHO ReportRead more

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