Does Acupuncture Hurt?

The one question people who haven’t had acupuncture always ask me is “does it hurt?” Please watch my brief video as I explain. My answer is always “some people are more sensitive than others and some points are more sensitive than others.”  But it is nothing like pricking yourself with a needle or having an injection.  Acupuncture needles are very fine, “as thin as a horse’s hair” being the usual quote used.

For most people who are scared of needles, once they allow the first needle to be put in they realise that it is not as painful as they had thought it would be, and more often than not it isn’t painful at all.  However if you really can’t face the thought of needles there are other treatments that I can offer, cupping, Tui Na massage and Gua Sha, which can help you balance your system.

If you have a cold or if you are a woman and on your period you may be more sensitive than at other times and you may want to arrange treatment around this.

To hear my full answer please watch this brief video.



To read about how best to prepare for your first acupuncture treatment please read my blog

Jackie Graham is a licensed acupuncturist working in Ealing W5 and W13.  She is passionate about helping people towards good health.  For an appointment email her at or call her on 07733274745.

You can also find Jackie at Bridge to Health, Ealing.


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