Acupuncture to Stop Smoking

Stop smoking

Working with the National Stop Smoking Centres (NSSC)

Are you trying to stop smoking or reduce the amount you smoke? Working with National Stop Smoking Centres (NSSC) Jackie believes she may be able to help you.

National Acupuncture Detox Association (NADA)

Jackie is trained in the NADA protocol (National Acupuncture Detox Association) which helps the body cope with the withdrawal symptoms from nicotine.  National Stop Smoking Centres provide ongoing telephone counselling and recommend acupuncture as a means of calming the nervous system and helping your body cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

It is estimated that most smokers will attempt to quit two or three times, or more, before finally kicking the habit. When conventional methods to quit smoking have failed, smokers often look outside mainstream approaches and turn to alternative medicine.

acupuncture to stop smokingAcupuncture to Help Stop Smoking

Acupuncture is not a panacea or a magic cure in the treatment of any addiction, including smoking. But, acupuncture can be effective in making it easier to quit and remain smoke-free for good.

The treatment costs £185 for which you will receive 3 acupuncture treatments plus telephone counselling from the NSSC.  We are here to support you in your efforts to quit the habit, not to magically do it for you.  To this end you will be asked to sign a contract with yourself detailing the efforts you will need to make to maximise the benefits of the treatment.

If you would like to find out more about the treatment or to book please contact Jackie.


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