While we are still operating under COVID19 guidelines there will be a number of changes in the clinic. In order to maintain the highest standards of hygiene I shall be operating a limited schedule of appointments to respect social distancing requirements and protect both your and my family’s health.

What has changed to ensure infection control?

1. Soft furnishings in the clinic have been limited to ensure all items/surfaces can be disinfected between treatments. Pillows will have vinyl covering. I will use a fresh clean sheet or blanket for each patient and these are laundered at 60 degrees. The window will be kept open where possible and I will provide a basket in which you can place your belongings.

3. I have increased the cleaning of high contact areas such as door handles and chairs, taps, couch with high strength disinfectant. I would ask you to please use the toilet before you come but the downstairs toilet will be available if needed. Please make sure you flush the toilet with the lid down.

4. I will wear a face mask throughout the appointment and a visor where necessary.

5. I will provide you with a face mask and will ask you to use hand sanitiser upon arrival. I will also take your temperature using a non-touch thermometer. If it is above 38 degrees you will be asked to return home. Please do not be upset if this happens. I would of course much prefer to treat you but I need to be mindful of the safety of myself, my family and other patients.

6. I will be screening all patients for Covid-19 symptoms prior to their appointment. You will be sent a pre-screening questionnaire and a consent form 24 hours before your appointment which must be completed before your appointment.

7. I would kindly ask that you come alone, where possible, for your appointment so that we limit contact between patients at the clinic.

8. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for your appointment as there is no waiting area available. If you arrive early you will be asked to wait outside.  Please note that if you are late for your appointment your treatment time will be reduced.

10. Please avoid touching any surfaces both on your way in and also while in the treatment room. The more surfaces you touch the greater the infection risk. However please hold onto the bannister whilst navigating the stairs.

11. Upon arrival I will ask you to use sanitiser on your hands and put a mask on which I can provide. After the treatment I would like you to sanitise/ wash your hands again. I will open all the doors for you to leave your hands clean.

12. I would ask you to wear comfortable, loose clothing with trousers that can roll up above the knee. I will be wearing clothes that will be washed at 60 degrees at the end of each day.

13. I cannot provide refreshment so please bring a bottle of water with you if you think you will need it. Overall however please limit the amount of belongings you bring with you.

14. I have temporarily waived my 24 hour cancellation policy, but I kindly ask that you give me as much notice as possible if you are unable to attend your appointment.

15. If you have any cold or flu symptoms, have been in close contact with someone with symptoms, or have recently travelled to one of the high-risk areas as detailed by the government, (see here) I kindly ask that you do not attend your appointment and give me as much notice as possible of your non-attendance. If you are at all concerned please contact me directly to discuss.

16. If you are diagnosed with the coronavirus you will need to self-isolate in line with government guidelines – do not attend your appointment, and please notify me of your non-attendance and onset of symptoms as soon as possible.

17. You MUST tell me if you develop those symptoms and subsequently test positive for CoVid19 up to 48 hours after treatment, as I you will need to self-isolate for the remaining days of the 2 weeks since the treatment, as well as inform the other patients from that same treatment day to self-isolate, in line with ‘contact, track and trace’ requirements to avoid any further transmissions. This is particularly important as I may have clinically vulnerable‘ patients visiting the clinic.

18. If you have been told to self-isolate or are in one of the high risk groups identified by the government I kindly ask that you do not book a face-to-face appointment with me as I will be unable to treat you.

I continue to closely monitor government advice and will update my practices as necessary.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank-you for your ongoing loyalty and support. Please stay safe and I hope to see you in the clinic soon.
Jackie Graham

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