Fertility Treatments

Fertility treatments using acupuncture

Primary Infertility

In our modern society, where we can get so many things on demand, the failure to conceive as and when we want to can come as a shock to many people. You and your partner seem healthy, you have a nice home and are all set up financially, yet nothing is happening. Unthinking friends and family start to ask you when you are going to have children.  In her 30s Jackie went through this situation. After a year with no luck she and her husband went through the usual medical tests which all came back as normal, yet it took another 6 months before she conceived. Now she realises how lucky she was that it happened after only 18 months, but at the time it seemed like forever with no guarantee that she would be successful.  Her experience has helped Jackie understand the emptiness someone can feel when they contemplate a life without children, and the despair each month when once again your body tells you that you have not been successful.

Secondary Infertility

Then for many couples who have been lucky enough to have one child comes the secondary infertility.  That familiar empty feeling returns when you see old friends and new friends you have made through the NCT or other mother and baby clubs turn up clutching their second new born.  You smile and look happy for them but you start to wonder if you can keep coming to these same clubs and events because it‘s becoming too painful.  Unthinking friends ask you when you are going to have your second child.

Fertility Treatments using Acupuncture

Although infertility has historically been regarded as a female problem, figures now show that causes are pretty evenly split between male and female partners, with 23% being unexplained. Stress has been shown to be a major factor in reducing a couples chance to conceive; acupuncture treatment can be very effective in reducing stress for both the man and the woman. For the woman Jackie would recommend commencing with weekly treatment over a 3 month period in order to chart your cycle and assess progress.

Assisted Reproduction

Enormous strides have been made in Western Medicine to help couples conceive. A report in the British Medical Journal has shown that acupuncture can improve the success  rates for assisted reproduction by up to 65%.  Again it can help reduce stress but also helps manage the side effects of the medication; it is also thought that acupuncture can provide better blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, creating a stronger chance for an egg to be nourished and carried to term.

Whether you are thinking about trying for a baby, have been trying for a period of time without success or are consider IVF; acupuncture can help regulate your periods, improve the lining of the uterus and help to get your body ready for conception. Call Jackie to discuss your situation and how fertility treatments using acupuncture might help you. Or send a message and request a call back.


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