“I contracted COVID-19 in March this year and was extremely ill with chest pains, respiratory symptoms, severe fatigue, headaches, high temperature, tachycardia, gastrointestinal symptoms, neurological symptoms including frequent dizzy spells,  severe anxiety and crippling panic attacks.    I attended A & E on two occasions, had various tests, prescribed a variety of medications from my G.P. which only made me feel worse.  My depleted body could not tolerate any medications and I did not know how or if I would ever recover.

In despair I searched for alternative treatments and found Jackie’s website stating she had treated others for panic attacks and anxiety.  I have been attending weekly acupuncture sessions with Jackie since July and most of my debilitating symptoms have settled down.  I had swollen glands in my neck which subsided after two treatments and my panic attacks have gone.  My anxiety is minimal and manageable now and I only have short episodes of vertigo.  My respiratory symptoms have completely cleared up and I gained enough energy to return to work.

Jackie is a very calm, confident, professional person and I trust her implicitly.  Her treatment room has a lovely peaceful ambiance.  I am so happy that acupuncture has removed many of my COVID symptoms/  I give her 5 stars.”

Patricia 69

I highly recommend Jackie for the amazing job she does. I went to see her as I was suffering with uncomfortable hot flushes due to early menopausal symptoms and she is now treating other underlying issues due to my poor digestive system. She is warm, approachable, very professional, competent and friendly. She makes you feel at ease and she is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. Thank you so much for your incredible hard work! It makes such a huge difference whenever I have a treatment session with you.
I went to see Jackie with a combination of long-standing health conditions, which had caused me to live with pain for many years. Realising that the acupuncture wasn’t going to be ‘a quick fix’, I booked a block of sessions so that Jackie could start to unpick a knot of interconnected health issues.  Jackie was always very professional and I had every confidence in her. I felt able to discuss anything with her. As the weeks progressed, I saw real improvements and relief of my symptoms. I now feel generally healthier and happier. I hope to continue my treatment in the future.
Zoe 45
Jackie is a highly professional and competent acupuncturist who has helped me to conceive my first baby and has helped me throughout my pregnancy (morning sickness, sciatic nerve pain, improving energy levels).  She is warm, kind and attentive and I can’t recommend her enough.
Nicola 31
Jackie takes an holistic approach to the issue and both the acupuncture and her supplementary advice have been of great benefit to me.  She is highly professional and thoughtful in her approach and I would certainly recommend her.
Rose 53
I would highly recommend Jackie, who has been treating me for my facial palsy with acupuncture and other techniques she is trained in. I have seen a great improvement in my symptoms. Jackie is very professional and her treatment room environment is very relaxing.
Olivia, 33

It was my first acupuncture appointment and Jackie was very professional, responsive and understanding. She took the time to make sure she understood my needs and that I was comfortable. She was very patient with me and considerate. 1.5 hours are required for the initial appointment, where a consultation is carried out.

I felt very well looked after and came out very happy. I highly recommend Jackie Graham, as she takes care in her work and is obviously very experienced and thorough.

Maria, 31

I first found out about Jackie through Anxiety UK, she is a fantastic acupuncturist. I have been going for fortnightly treatments for the past 6 months. She uses a range of techniques to treat the symptoms that we discuss at the beginning of my session.I have found it incredibly beneficial for my anxiety and general day to day stresses. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone interested in alternative treatments
and acupuncture. She always checks to find out how my symptoms have been since the last appointment and continues from there.
Chloe, 31
“Jackie is an excellent acupuncturist!
I was recommended to try out acupuncture from a friend after I was diagnosed by nhs that i have ‘unexplained’ infertility. It was most likely linked to stress. So, it was not more than 2.5 months I was under Jackie’s treatment when i got pregnant. I am so grateful to her.”
Marguerita, 35
 “Acupuncture was not what I thought. It is a relaxing pain-free procedure and Jackie mixed in massage, body
Carole Ann Rice

Carole Ann Rice
Life Coach

manipulation and energy alignment.  I felt both relaxed and nicely energised after each session.”

Carole Ann










I visited Jackie Graham Acupuncture for chronic whiplash which I have had for 8 years. After years of private and NHS physio and dry needling for constant neck and back pain which caused migraines, Jackie sorted this in one session. Incredible. I have been pain free for around 10 months now and can turn my head and have my hair washed at the hairdressers.

Beth 48


After suffering several months with shoulder and back pain I decided to try acupuncture.  After a few sessions with Jackie I found a significant improvement.  I would highly recommend Jackie.

Pauline 62


Jackie has helped me with a back/shoulder/posture problem and her innovative, problem solving techniques of acupuncture, cupping and massage have considerably improved my condition.  I’m now able to rotate my head with ease and the tension between my shoulder blades continues to lessen which impacts positively on my posture.

Sue 64


I have found the treatment I have received from Jackie for a longstanding sinus problem to be most beneficial and I appreciate how the treatment had been structured on each visit to address each issue.

Mark 51


I was recommended to Jackie after I had tried alternative kinds of treatment with slow progress for what started as a slight joint pain in my shoulder evolving to a frozen shoulder. Straight away I noticed an improvement from the combination of acupuncture, cupping and gentle massaging. Admittedly it was not a treatment I would have considered earlier on but having experienced it now I would say it is very effective and also a little weird at first! Jackie is very attentive and takes the time to make sure the right area is being targeted. It’s best you don’t look if you don’t like needles 🙂

Justin 32


I have been seeing Jackie for the past 3 months for a bad arm and neck that I have had for many years.  I have never seeked any previous treatment but a friend suggested acupuncture and so I found Jackie.  Jackie has brought life back to my arm and has considerably eased the constant pain.  I am now on the road to recover after what has been a long term problem in my life.  I have now moved to Cardiff but am going to continue with acupuncture.

Many thanks

Donna 37


About five months ago I approached Jackie Graham to see if acupuncture could help deal with menopausal nigh time hot flushes.  The hot flushes were disturbing my sleep and making me feel generally uncomfortable.  Following a thorough discussion with Jackie, she carried out two acupuncture treatments and I have not suffered from these symptoms since. 

Liz 51

l have been seeing Jackie over the past 8 months for menopause flushes. Before l started see Jackie l was suffering very badly with night and day flushes.  Over the period Jackie has helped my night sweats to disappear and helped day-time ones to decrease.   Thank you Jackie you have made life more bearable. 

Lesley 50

I didn’t know what acupuncture was or what Jackie could do, I can now move my shoulder freely and my back feels like it can ‘breathe’ again. 

Joshua 14

“I’d had a problem with my heel for some time and it was affecting my running. After a short series of sessions with Jackie involving electro – acupuncture the pain has completely gone and I’m back into running again. Miraculous!”

Jan M -51 Years

“Not only was I having severe hot flushes every two hours during the day, they continued into the night making it impossible to sleep. However after my first couple of treatments I noticed a huge difference, I could sleep through the night and my symptoms diminished considerably and have now virtually disappeared.

Thank you Jackie for dramatically improving my quality of life.”

Sharon -52 years 

“18 months ago I started experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks. Before I started acupuncture I struggled doing basic everyday tasks such as working, shopping and driving my car. After having 16 sessions on a weekly basis I feel like I am starting to get my life back. I am able to do all these things now and I feel like I have energy which was also very low before starting acupuncture.

Jackie has been amazing, and I cannot thank her enough for all her hard work in getting me where I am today. I had never experienced acupuncture before seeing Jackie and was actually a little afraid of needles, but she made me feel relaxed straight away and made the whole experience that much better.

I am definitely going to continue having acupuncture as I am hooked. The benefits I get from having it are amazing, I am also getting comments from friends and family saying how much better I seem and look.

Thank you Jackie”.

Hannah – 29 years

I have been having weekly Tui’na massage treatments from Jackie over about two months. I had no particular complaints –just aches and pains – but she was able to remedy these as well as generally enhancing my sense of well-being. I left each session not just feeling more relaxed and stretched but also mentally ready to face the challenges of the coming week !

Alison – 57 years


When I first consulted Jackie my asthma had been so bad that I was barely able to have a conversation as I was coughing almost continuously.  After a course of treatment both the constant coughing and consequent exhaustion were gone and I had energy to get on with life.

Many thanks 

Anni  – 62 years


Following the very helpful referral by Mathieu Rossano (who is easily the top Osteo in the area) I undertook a course of treatments with Jackie.  Jackie was amazingly supportive, always very flexible, and above all else a calming influence through a difficult transitional period.  Her knowledge of acupuncture, Tui Na (‘Chinese massage to release qi and get the energy moving in the meridians and the muscles), and Gua Sha (scraping therapy that releases unhealthy elements from injured areas and stimulates blood flow and healing) are comprehensive and she alters the therapy as needed to match the patients needs.  Jackie’s professional and knowledgeable approach assisted immensely in my recovery, and more importantly gave me the knowledge and confidence to be able to better look after myself in future.  I would have no hesitation to highly recommend Jackie to anyone interested in acupuncture and Chinese healing methods.  Thank you Jackie!

Ali – 40 years



I recently made several visits to the Ealing  acupuncture clinic of Jackie Graham for emotional trauma following passing away of my dad. I found her extremely kind and supportive. Her treatment helped me to return to my normal self. . Thanks for everything. 

Purnima – 62 years

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